A Walk in Connection

A Walk in Connection is based on Tracy’s life of learning to connect with animals. Her personal stories are intended to inspire, empower, and contribute to the greater global understanding of communication with other species.

Living with wolves has provided Tracy with countless experiences that have changed her life in unimaginable ways. As a co-founder of Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary in Colorado, Tracy has spent half her life studying wolf behavior and body language. Tracy has learned to leash train and walk wolves, often with painful consequences. Join Tracy as she develops a special bond with an intense British Colombian gray wolf named Shaman.

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3 Comments on “A Walk in Connection

  1. Hello Tracy just peaking at the web site has been exciting to say the least .. I’d like to get a copy of your book it sounds very intriguing.
    So please let me know how I might get a copy of it please ..
    Lol Levi
    Aka Black Beaver

  2. Hello we live in Pueblo Christmas a yr ago a shepherd and a huskey showed up @ our back door friendly with out 7 lbs papadot 16yrs & our rescue 3yrs mix pit golden the two guests ate and drank water than on a blanket slepted over 2 hrs they got up and continued there journey. With curiosity i was looking through binoculars a neighbor came to me she had them in another neighbors fenced in yard while posting on Face Book lost and found hrs later she called to say she would have to take to pound i said its Christmas i would keep them and tske em first thing in am. I did and they both were checked for chips None no reports missing they were full as was the 2nd shelter in Pueblo they gave me a paper with rules to fostering. Short story the Sheperard went to a friend locally both dogs were adopted. It was to my surprise this week after research learn our Siberian Husky is not a Siberian Husky but it is a gray wolf and with curiosity and reaching out I was wondering if we could come by Nikki better known now as Wolfie to say hello and to have some answers to some questions I’d like to thank you for your contribution to the wolves and the preservation of their livelihood

    • Hi David! Thank you for your reply, and for fostering those poor canines. You have a very special heart to allow them to shelter in your home during the hard winter until they found a forever home. Such a surprise to find out that you have a wolf-y canine I bet! While we do not allow canines on our property (unless they live here of course), we’d love for you to come out to the sanctuary and learn about wolves/wolf-dogs. For now I would highly suggest to visit this page for more information: https://missionwolf.org/wolf-dog-help/

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