Mission: Wolf Reopens

Hello friends and supporters of Mission: Wolf! We are so grateful to announce that the Spring Creek fire is increasingly under control (over 90% contained), and we have been removed from pre-evacuation notice. THANK YOU for all of your support during this challenging time!

This means we are opening our doors again to the public, although the intense heat of this summer has changed our scheduling and ability to accommodate drop-in visitors. The hot and dry weather makes the wolves lethargic and reclusive for most of the daytime hours. Feeding and behavioral sessions will be planned around the weather and what makes the wolves most comfortable. All summer visitors need to be prepared for extreme heat, unpredictable schedules, and lazy wolves.

Though we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of visitor traffic and corresponding public needs, we are still first and foremost a peaceful sanctuary for the wolves. We are an extremely rural facility with few amenities – we are equipped simply to provide an educational experience. If you would like to undertake the adventure to find us and come learn from our staff, we would love to give you a tour. All visitors and overnight campers: Please respect the rules and be mindful of your impact on the dry, desert landscape and on the wolves who live here. Huerfano County is under a Stage 2 fire ban and is discouraging camping in certain areas to mitigate the risk of future human-caused fires. Young children (age 7 and under) and large groups (10+) are discouraged. Please contact us at info@missionwolf.org or 719-859-2157 with any questions. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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  1. Everyone here are happy that you did not have to evacuate during this situation. The energy expended and stress created by this would have taken a big toll both on humans and residents as well. Hope all stays well for you. Stay Safe.

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