Saying Goodbye to Daisy

Last night we said goodbye to one of our most cherished elders: Daisy, who lived to an astounding sixteen years old. Even in her final days she was a joyful, calming presence for all of us here at Mission: Wolf. Thank you to everyone who helped to care for her over her long, illustrious time here and send your howls of gratitude that this lady lived such a lengthy and adventurous life!

4 Comments on “Saying Goodbye to Daisy

  1. Daisy, Now your illustrious spirit is with your wolf tribe and you are One with all for there is no separation. I wish you eternal Happiness and may your heart be filled with JOY always. You are as beautiful in Spirit as you were in your physical form her on the earth plain. Sending you LOVE FROM MY HEART TO YOURS.

  2. A beautiful animal that I’m sorry we didn’t get to follow. Happy she found a wonderful home.

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