M:W and COVID-19

Dear friends of Mission: Wolf,

Thank you for your support and generosity during these difficult times. We are excited to reopen on June 3rd, 2020, with these additional safety protocols in place. To all interested visitors, short-term volunteers, and groups: if you are feeling sick, or think that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay at home! 

Drop-In Visitors (Day Visit)

  • We are now only open to drop-in visitors on our big feed days: Wednesdays and Saturdays. All other days are reserved for those who wish to volunteer.
  • We will be requiring reservations for all visitors so that we can appropriately spread out traffic and maintain social distancing during tours. Please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled tour time. You can schedule your tour between 9am and 4pm Wednesday or Saturday by following this link: https://calendly.com/missionwolf/tours
  • Tours are limited to ten people and all unrelated groups will be required to socially distance during the tour
  • All visitors should wear facemasks and bring hand sanitizer
  • We will be temporarily suspending behavioral sessions with our Ambassador Pack due to the potential for face-to-face greetings to spread this disease
  • Please expect delays as we adjust to this new scheduling system. We are all learning and appreciate your patience!

Short-Term Volunteers (Overnight to two-week stay)

  • We can use your help! We are still building and working to improve the sanctuary every day out here.
  • All overnight visitors should contact us at info@missionwolf.org or 719-859-2157 first to schedule their stay
  • Short-term volunteers will be expected to bring their own tent and food supplies, and will work with staff to spread out camping areas and bathroom usage with other visitors and volunteers
  • Short-term volunteers should also bring and wear their own facemasks, and bring hand sanitizer as well
  • Short-term volunteers will be asked to help regularly sanitize the shared spaces they are using


  • We are asking groups to consider the American Camp Association (ACA) regulations when conducting their groups, which can be found here.
  • Groups will be limited to ten people, in accordance with county gathering size regulations
  • Group leaders will be asked to implement and maintain their own safety protocols, including but not limited to: daily temperature and wellness checks, social distancing and proper sanitizing during travel to/from M:W, proper cleaning and sanitation protocol around mealtimes
  • Groups will be asked to bring and wear their own masks, and should bring their own hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies
  • There will be limits on the number of groups on property at any given time, and all unrelated groups will be asked to camp away from each other
  • Groups will be asked to clean and sanitize port-a-potty and cook areas after usage
  • Group leaders should be prepared to be largely self-directed, as limited staff resources and the need for social distancing will prevent working closely with M:W staff

All scheduled groups and visitors are subject to change, up to and including the day of the visit, due to the changing virus situation or an outbreak at M:W.

We have been touched by the overflowing support from our friends and supporters during this novel and difficult time for all of us. Above all else, we wish to keep the wolves and humans healthy out here! Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to seeing each other again starting June 3rd.

Howls of Gratitude,

M:W Staff

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