Mission and Values

Mission: Wolf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational wolf sanctuary in the remote Colorado mountains. We focus on sustainability, operate on solar power, and build with recycled materials. Our community of volunteers from around the world invites you to visit us.

We connect people with nature using hands-on experiential education. Through volunteer internships and our education programs, we inspire individuals to become stewards of the earth. While providing a home for rescued wolves and horses, we create opportunities for growth through community service and personal interactions with animals. We value education, sustainability, and improving relationships between people, animals, and the world around them.

Experiential Education

Experiential education is the heart of what we do; no lecture can replace hands-on experience and the lasting impact it creates. Visitors to the sanctuary don’t forget helping to build something, riding out a hail storm in a tipi, or listening to a chorus of wolf howls.


Living within your means financially means you will have something left for tomorrow. To live in a sustainable way is to do the same with our natural resources. Mission: Wolf’s 3-acre eco-village is designed to be an inspiring example of sustainable living practices.


Our vibrant community of volunteers gives Mission: Wolf an unmistakable character. Though we come from different backgrounds, passion for the work we do ties us together. We strive to create a joyful atmosphere at the sanctuary, focusing on the importance of our own attitude. We learn from each other every day and try to cultivate humility, a cooperative spirit, and growth on a personal and professional level.

Respect for Animals

Many humans experience tremendous conflict with animals, both wild and domestic. At Mission: Wolf, we teach basic body language and animal behavior in an effort to help improve human-animal relationships. Developing an understanding of how to interact with animals is key to our peaceful coexistence.

Environmental Stewardship

A strong environmental ethic permeates everything we do at Mission: Wolf. Whether it’s a mountain wilderness or a city park, people benefit from connection with nature. We develop these connections between people and the earth, and inspire future stewards of our environment. We believe that when you care about the earth on a personal level, you will work to protect it.


Wildness in nature and in the human world is quickly disappearing. Our modern society is afraid of what we cannot control, as demonstrated by the extermination of wild predators. And yet, wildness shapes our society. Mission: Wolf’s history tells the stories of wild places and creatures, extraordinary events, and strong-willed people.

We invite you to contact us or visit to learn more!

Photo from Mission: Wolf Archives, 2010.