Memorial to Honor Wolf-loving People

The following individuals are greatly missed by their families and the staff at Mission: Wolf. We send our prayers and gratitude. To make a donation to Mission: Wolf in memory of a friend or loved one, click here.

To learn more about the individuals who have contributed a living legacy, click here.

Faith Chesnutt
James N. Cost
Maria Dancing
Carol Daniel
Mathew Demara
Lynn Donaldson
Ginny Fleming
Justin Gaydek
Wanda Gorski
Jacqueline Greber
Weston Griffiths
Thomas A. Hadlow
Ted Hubbard
Kevin Johnston
Jane M. Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Christina Kauffman
Jason Lawrence
James T. Leddon
Lex Mason
Bob Mendelson
David O’Connor
Eugene S. Principe Jr.
Carol Ragan
Judy Richardson
Ellie Roberts
Homer Russell
Taylor Brandon Schaeffer
Dylan Siemann
Fred Stevenson
Dave Stout
Bonnie Wagner
Alyssa Weaver
Alda L. West