Born on April 4, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on November 13, 2007

Sex: Male
Lived with Skinwalker, Kawh, Tierra, Porini, Nyati

Beorn was a black and gray male wolf that was born in 1995. A large and majestic animal, Beorn had a very impressive presence. His father, Fenris, had been vasectomized two breeding seasons prior to Beorn’s birth. You can imagine our surprise when we discovered a litter in Fenris and Jazmine’s den.

Beorn was hand-raised by volunteers and grew up to be the strong yet gentle leader of a high-energy pack of wolves known as the Driveway-Five. Beorn lived for many years in an enclosure with his mate Tierra, brother Skinwalker and two cousins Kawh and Porini.

At the end of December 2001, Beorn’s pack surprised everyone. They ganged up on their leader, beating him up so badly that we had to intervene and place Beorn in a vacant pen so he could recuperate. Although it is sad to see such things happen from our human perspective, it is simply the way of the wolf. His strength returned, but he couldn’t return to his former pack. Beorn spent his days showing off his new mate, Nyati, to neighboring wolves. Beorn and Nyati happily spent their days sleeping in the sun and just enjoying each other.