Donations Overview

There are many ways to support our wolves and wolf-dogs, education programs, and 350-acre nature sanctuary!

Mission:Wolf is a federally registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.

Join the Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack is the backbone of our sanctuary: It is a community of monthly donors supporting Mission:Wolf’s essential projects.

It is an automatic monthly donation of $5 or more.

This donation supports the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary, our alpine wild land conservation work (currently 350 acres preserved), solar powered green building projects, and Ambassador Wolf education outreach (currently over 1 million people greeted by wolves).

As a member of the Wolf Pack, you will receive exclusive videography of our wolves and twice yearly video updates directly from our staff, on all the green building projects, land conservation, and wolf rescues we have been able to achieve with your help.

Become a Wolf Caretaker

Wolf Caretakers are the core of our wolf care and rescue program: They help us to guarantee the highest quality food, medical care, and life for our wolves.

This is an annual donation that sponsors a particular wolf. Choose a wolf you love and a support level that makes sense for you.

As a Wolf Caretaker, you will receive a yearly membership packet that includes shed winter fur and an 8×11.5 photo of your chosen wolf, a Mission:Wolf sticker, and a subscription to our yearly newsletter Wolf Visions.

Material Donations

Our sanctuary rests at 10,500ft in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo range of the Colorado Rockies. Weather at this altitude is challenging: Material donations (trucks, building supplies, tools, etc) are the lifeblood of our sanctuary. We have a wishlist that spells out what is (and is not) helpful for the sanctuary.

Livestock/Meat Donations

We feed out hundreds of pounds of meat every week, which is only possible due to our incredible network of donors. If you have a deceased horse or livestock, an animal that is sick and needs to be euthanized, or expired meat, visit our livestock donations page to learn how to support the wolves with a meat donation.