Ghost Dancer

Born on January 2, 1990 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on June 11, 2008

Sex: Female
Lived with Shaman, Yaqui

Ghost Dancer was born in the first week of January in 1990. Ghost and her sister, Dancing Bear, lived with an intense pure wolf named Shaman most of their lives. Their parents came from twelve years of selective breeding to try to create the perfect wolf-dog cross: an animal that looks like a wolf and acts like a dog. Ghosty was the perfect example of this not being the case. A wolf-dog ends up being a very confused animal, and Ghosty didn’t know whether to be a wolf or a dog. Even with people who knew and raised her, she would bite half of the time and lick half of the time. After her sister and Shaman passed away, Ghost Dancer moved to the Mission: Wolf farm with a male wolf-dog cross named Leo. She lived to be one of the oldest residents ever at Mission: Wolf.