Born on April 4, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on November 4, 2007

Sex: Male
Lived with Lily, Polar Bear

As a pup, Gizmo resembled a tiny bear cub because of his tawny coloration. At first, he was called Grizzly, but as he grew he came to look more like a gremlin. This led to a gradual name change from Grizzly to Gizzy, to Gizmo. His brother and sister, Polar Bear and Lily, on the other hand, were born an unusual shocking white color and retained it throughout their lives.
At nine weeks of age he became weak and lethargic due to a mineral deficiency. He was given vitamin D to help the imbalance, but the treatments left him weak in comparison to his brothers, Polar Bear, Beorn, and Skinwalker. Lily, Gizmo’s sister, also suffered from a mineral deficiency. Despite this setback, Gizmo recovered and became the alpha male of his pack. He grew up to be an authoritative and striking wolf.  Gizmo was well known for his appetite and the rapt attention he payed to the food preparation area on feeding days, watching the staff with great impatience from his hilltop home.