Born on April 11, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on October 5, 2010

Sex: Male
Lived with Selway, Passion

Guinness was born at Mission:Wolf on April 11, 1995. We do not intentionally breed wolves here because we do not want any more wolves to live in cages than absolutely necessary. Guinness’ father, Fenris (the 1st), had received a vasectomy two years prior, so imagine our surprise when his mother, Jazmine, gave birth. He had three brothers,
Ned, Porini and Mowgli – and a sister named Kestrel.

Guinness was spotted immediately as an Ambassador Wolf because of his outgoing personality. He had no fear of humans, which as a youngster, allowed him to travel with the Ambassador Wolf tour and meet nearly 100,000 people in programs across twenty states. Guinness’s rambunctious nature was illustrated when he jumped up on Bryant Gumbel’s shoulders, knocking him backward during a segment for NBC’s Today Show. He ventured into Washington, DC and appeared in numerous television and newspaper stories.

Guinness matured quickly and by the age of two it was clear that he was going to be alpha. He formed a strong bond with a female named Passion. For years, Guinness feared that the men who fed him would take his mate, and his behavior became aggressive towards these males. Sadly, Passion developed terminal cancer in summer of 2002; she passed away shortly after she was diagnosed.

In June 2003, Mission:Wolf took in two adult female wolves from the Grizzly Discovery Center in Montana named Katimik and Selway. With high hopes, we paired Selway with Guinness and waited for true love to bloom. After only a couple of weeks of living fence-to-fence, the two wolves were let in together. Sometimes these match making schemes don’t work, but fortunately, Selway and Guinness took to each other right away. Visitors and staff alike were amazed at the resemblance between Guinness and Selway’s markings… so much so that we couldn’t tell them apart from a distance!