Horse Education

In addition to canines, Mission: Wolf works with horses in many capacities. For years, we have provided short-term housing to old, sick, and/or dying horses that were delivered to the sanctuary to provide meat for the wolves. These horses, along with our own small herd, have become teachers to many. For over a decade, we have studied horses to understand and respond to their body language. In this process of body language communication, one theme repeats itself — the wolf and the horse have the same root foundation behavior: “Fight or Flight.” By using mimicry, mirroring, attitude, and intent, we have learned to interrupt parallel behaviors. This allows us to direct motion of frightened animals, and opens up new worlds of understanding and communication. To respond to unwanted horses’ needs and to provide more training opportunities for people, we are working to create a Horse Teaching Barn. The healthy unwanted horses are placed in permanent adoptive homes.

Mirror Mirror: Reflective Horse and Wolf Behavior


Director Tracy Ane Brooks teaches a group about communicating with horses.

Mimicry and mirroring are techniques that can be used to gentle spirited animals and catch and halter horses that are wary of humans. This involves approaching the animal and mimicking its behavior until it becomes comfortable in your presence. This process can take a long time, and requires great amounts of patience, but can be very rewarding in the long term.

For more information, check out our director Tracy Ane Brooks’ book, A Walk in Connection.

Unwanted Horses: Help & Information

Mission: Wolf can periodically help to re-home unwanted horses. Please contact us with any inquiries.

For more information on donating sick or deceased horses and livestock, click here.