Born on April 1, 1996 in Idaho
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 20, 2003
Passed away on May 9, 2007

Sex: Female
Lived with Ned Ludd, Druid, Selway

Katimik was born a brown and golden colored timber wolf in the Spring of 1996 in Idaho. She and her sister, Selway, spent seven years in the Grizzly Discovery Center at Yellowstone National Park. Being part of the Gallatin Pack, they were the first pack
on exhibit to celebrate the return of the wolf to Yellowstone. Thousands of visitors were unable to see the wild wolves but could see and learn from Katimik and her pack. In June 2003, the center no longer had an enclosure for the girls, so they came to live with us. They were placed fence to fence with two handsome males, Druid and Ned Ludd. The girls ran to the fence and started flirting with the boys. They spent the next two weeks strutting along the fence, trying to catch the boys’ eyes. At last they were moved into the same enclosure. In the competition for both boys’ attention, both girls wanted to be in charge. In the wild the girls would have split and formed their own pack, but being in enclosures they fought over leadership. We had to separate Katimik and Selway to prevent serious injury. Selway went to live with Guinness and Katimik lived with Ned Ludd and Druid. After some disagreement between the boys, Katimik and Druid were moved to be fence to fence with Ned. They all seemed happy with the move. We quickly learned that Katimik was a sweet and gentle wolf; she was shy yet curious about the staff.