Born on April 1, 1998 in Debeque, CO
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on May 6, 2008
Passed away on November 15, 2011

Sex: Female
Lived with Sasha, Kawh

Keechee was a beautiful, white Arctic Wolf cross who was born in 1998. They were born and raised with part of their family and other wolf-dogs at a private residence as pups. Keechee and her sister Sasha were cared for by a couple who adored wolves.  Keechee and Sasha formed a strong bond with their female owner, but because she was in a wheelchair and therefore fairly immobile, she was unable to provide them with the environment and care they required. Although she loved Keechee and Sasha, their owner did not have the ability to provide adequate space so the two girls grew up in a 10×15 shed with a concrete floor.

Ten years later, the only human they knew passed away, leaving them in the care of her husband. Neither Keechee nor her sister would allow the husband to get anywhere near them. Understanding how unlikely it was to find the girls a home, The husband contacted a local veterinarian to have the wolves euthenized.  The vet knew of Mission:Wolf and got us in contact with the owner.

Two blow darts later and several hours of travel Keechee and Sasha arrived at Mission: Wolf in 2008. We opened their carriers in the bottom of a large enclosure with steep hills and lots of trees. The two girls were hard pressed to simply try to climb up a hill after living on a flat area all of their lives. Timidly they learned to balance and climb up the steep trails, smell the trees, lay in the grass and explore their new home. Keechee seemed to enjoy the new freedom and after years of being subdued by her dominant sister, she began to challenge her sister for control and leadership. The conflict resulted in them being separated.

Keechee seemed eager to meet other wolves and was placed with an elder male named Druid. It was the first male wolf she had met and she was more eager for his attention than he was for hers. He had lived a long life with a lifelong mate who had recently passed. After Druid realized she was not going to eat all of his food he started to warm up. A few months later Druid passed of old age. Keechee did not seem to be to sad but was obviously lonely, we were able to place her with Druids brother Kawh, who also nearing the end of his life and a life long relationship. Kawh accepted Keechee with more enthusiasm and the two of them spent nearly a year together before Kawh passed of old age. Keechee spent her last days living fence to fence with Selway.