Born on April 4, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on October 14, 2007

Sex: Female
Lived with Polar Bear, Gizmo

“Lily” was also short for “Wild Flower,” depending on her mood. Like a high strung little wild thing Lily acted out her insecure need for alpha status. Lily was a large puppy, but at nine weeks old she and her brother fell sick of calcium and vitamin D deficiency. This made her extremely weak around the other puppies. After her recovery she wasted no time bossing all the pups around. Her father, Fenris, had a vasectomy and later produced two litters of puppies with a beautiful black wolf named Hina in the same year. Lily and her brothers Polar Bear, Gizmo, Beorn, and Skinwalker were one of those litters. Their litter was special: two pups were black, one was tawny brown, and Lily and Polar Bear were both snow white.

Lily’s first year was spent living in a puppy pack with her brothers Gizmo and Polar Bear and a slightly younger female named Kestrel. When breeding season came along, Kestrel became a threat. The first two breeding seasons went by without too much damage, but not in the third year. Breeding season came with such intensity that Kestrel was removed from the pack. Lily spent her days with her brothers keeping a close eye on the activities of the wolves surrounding her. She was small in size but truly big in heart.