Little Dancing Bear

Also known as “Cookie Bear”

Born on January 2, 1990 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on June 18, 2003

Sex: Female
Lived with Ghost Dancer

Little Dancing Bear was born on January 2, 1990. Her parents came from a long line of documented wolf-dog crosses in New Jersey.  As a little pup, Cookie resembled a bear cub and did a little dance as she was fed from a bottle by Directors Kent and Tracy.  Although she was small in size, she was big in heart and voice. She earned the nickname “snapping turtle” for her display of teeth as she defended her food and territory. Little Bear lived with Shaman most of her life and even traveled with the Ambassador Wolf program for a short time. She is best known for her appearance on “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” as a small pup. Cookie danced around the stage in her usual fashion, stealing the show from Shaman, Kent, and even Mr. Rogers. As she grew and retired from traveling, Cookie moved in with her sister, Ghost Dancer, and the older Shaman. The two girls became known as the “cackle sisters” because of their incessant bickering over food, hierarchy, and attention.

At the age of thirteen, Little Bear became ill and nearly died when her digestive system failed. An emergency run to the vet for surgery gave her a boost, but within two weeks she was blocked up again and in severe pain. Tracy and the staff were forced into tranquilizing Cookie and flushing her system out. Within a few days Little Bear was rebounding and before long she was back to her dancing habits at feeding time. She became quite accustomed to her special diet and hot meals each morning, and if it were a bit late she wasted no time communicating her disapproval.

In late February of 2003, Cookie slowed down and throughout the month of March she dropped down lower and lower. In early April she rebounded and had one of her happiest and most active months in two years. Seemingly overnight, on June 18th 2003, Little Dancing Bear did not have the energy to say hello for more than a moment before falling back asleep. That afternoon she got up, walked down the hill, and quietly passed away. She will always be remembered for her dance.