Born on April 1, 2002 in Texas
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 3, 2002
Passed away on March 5, 2016

Sex: Female
Lived with Zuko

Born in a cage in Texas, Luna was sold as an endangered Mexican Gray Wolf for $500 at only 10 days of age. The trucker who bought her brought her home to Chicago. At a party, a concerned guest found baby Luna hiding in the bathtub. She paid the trucker, rescued the puppy and called Mission:Wolf. After a week of chaos, plans, and car repairs, two Mission: Wolf staff members headed east to pick up the pup.

When she arrived at the refuge in June of 2002, Luna was malnourished and small for her age. She spent the summer being hand-raised by the refuge staff. Since Luna had such little contact with other canines as a pup, she was intimidated when we first introduced her to an adult wolf, named Rami, and two other pups, named Raven and Magpie. However, she soon adjusted and thoroughly enjoyed her time with her wolf companions.

As Luna matured into a yearling, it became apparent that her breeder had lied: Luna was, in fact, a husky/wolf cross that barks rather than howls. Luna, Raven, and Magpie joined Rami as Ambassador Wolves and helped to educate the public about the differences between wolves and dogs. Over the year Luna spent as an Ambassador Wolf she met over 30,000 people. However, as we were getting ready to leave for the fall 2003 Ambassador Wolf Tour, Luna was kicked out of the pack for her dog-like behavior. While Rami, Raven and Magpie traveled the country, Luna settled in to life living with humans rather than canids.

She was moved to the Mission: Wolf farm where she lived happily with another wolf hybrid named Leo, until the fall of 2012 when Leo passed away from cancer. Luna was known to entertain staff by throwing her toy high up into the air and catching it. She loved human visitors, and could often be found begging for attention in the farm yard.