Born on May 5, 2008 at Saskatchewan, Canada
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on March 5, 2010
Passed away on December 19, 2017

Sex: Male

Max is a Canadian Gray wolf that was born at a private facility in Canada and sold as a wolf-dog. Although he is represented as a wolf-dog, we see little to no dog traits in him. For two years, he was raised by a caring, dedicated family that worked hard to offer him a lifelong home. He had a big secure yard, was raised with two family dogs, and was fed the best food available. The owners also did a lot of research and sought out professional training.

As Max matured, he became independent and hard to travel with. The owners had multiple residences and traveled frequently. Max also got into a conflict with and injured a neighbor’s dog. The couple saw the writing on the wall, and realized that Max would not be content or accept a life of constant traveling. A professional dog trainer they were working with recommended Mission: Wolf and assisted in his transport here. His owners have agreed to sponsor Max financially for the rest of his life in order to help provide for his care.

Max knows his owners well and is very social with them. He was at first upset that his family had left him and would sometimes take out his frustration by chewing and pulling on his food bowl. Nevertheless, he soon calmed down, looked around, started to watch his neighbors, and gained confidence as he settled into life at the refuge.

Over the years, we have tried to pair Max with seven different females; however, he has not shown any interest in any of them. He was placed next to Raven and her adopted puppies, Aria and Lil’ Hailey Star, to see if we could integrate him into a pack, but it did not work. Later, he lived next to a female wolf named Keechee, but when placed together, he was too rough on the elder female. He lived out his days enjoying the juiciest pieces of meat and ruling over his lower valley domain.