Mission: Wolf

Wolf Visions 2021

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Summer Update 2019

Learn all about what Mission: Wolf has been up to over the long and snowy winter! You can grab a copy at the refuge or CLICK HERE for the digital version.

Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

Mission: Wolf staff and wolves are featured in an award-winning documentary from directors Gayle Nosal and Beret Strong called Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living. The film explores the human side of the M:W story and can currently be found playing on the festival circuit around the country. For more information about the film, or to sign up for their newsletter to keep up with current screenings, check out the film’s website.

You can now watch the film on demand!

Introducing Flash

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to the Mission: Wolf pack: Flash, a two year-old wolf-dog cross with striking amber eyes and the goofiest playtime antics. He has moved in with Saurya and the two can usually be found chasing each other around the enclosure or howling in each other’s faces. Check out his bio for more information on this beautiful new boy!