Born on April 9, 1987 in Florida
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 1, 1987
Passed away on May 7, 2003

Sex: Male
Lived with Jordan, Lucus, Raven I

Nikkolah, often known as “Tricky Nikki,” arrived at M:W in the summer of 1987. He was born in a Florida backyard as the result of an accidental litter. At the age of six weeks, he and his four brothers were transported to Colorado for the creation of a wildlife center near Durango. Two brothers stayed at the center, two brothers were given to individual owners, and Nikki came to live at M:W at the same time as six other pups.

Nikki grew up and lived with his adopted litter mates, exploring the refuge freely as puppies. Sadly, within a year all four of Nikki’s true brothers at the other refuge were dead—all were killed when they escaped their confinement and were shot, a demise that happens to many captive wolves and wolf-dogs. Nikki soon settled into the role of the beta male, and for 14 years of his life looked up to his leader Lucus. His pack varied over time from four to eleven wolves. As he and his adopted siblings aged, some of the rivals were given new enclosures, leaving Nikki in with Lucus, Raven, Nyati, and Jordan. He earned his nickname “Tricky Nikki” when he climbed over the fence separating the boys from the girls during breeding season and became the father of one of the only litters of pups to be born at the refuge.

When they reached the age of fourteen, he and his life-long partner Jordan were given their own enclosure in which to live free of the pressure and competition for food that occurs with a larger pack. Nikki and Jordan spent a happy year hobbling around their enclosure showing off to Nyati and Lucus through the fence. However, in early May, we went to check on the aging, sixteen-year-old Jordan and found that Nikki was paralyzed in the hips. Within a few days he faded and passed over on May 7th, 2003. His stories and antics are known to many and he was truly a teacher to those who took time to know him.