Born on April 26, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on January 25, 2008

Sex: Female
Lived with Obediah, Lucus, Beorn

Nyati was one of six pups in her litter, born in 1993. As a pup, she was the most timid of her pack and remained one of the shyest wolves at the refuge for the rest of her life. But in spite of her shyness, Nyati was a very strong-willed wolf who took over her mother’s role as alpha female by the age of three.

A year after her elevation to alpha, Nyati had a terrible accident that required her leg to be amputated. Within hours of surgery Nyati leapt out of her recovery pen and jumped into her enclosure. She had to battle another female to regain her alpha position. Staff feared the worst, but the next morning, Nyati emerged as the proud leader. She moved around her enclosure as fast as a four-legged wolf and retained her shy but dominant attitude.

Nyati eventually moved in which a new mate, Beorn. She was known for keeping him and the Mission: Wolf staff on their toes, giving anyone who touched her water tub a hard time. Nyati was always the first wolf to know the news around the refuge and broadcast it to the rest of the world with her howl.