Born on April 26, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on October 3, 2007

Sex: Male
Lived with Asha

Rasta was a black and silver colored timber wolf, born in the spring of 1993. He lived most of his life with his mate Asha. As teenagers, Asha and Rasta were trouble-makers and tried to take over leadership of their pack of eleven. They were then placed in an enclosure to lead their own pack. For years they were perfect for each other and enjoyed the privacy of living in the lower enclosure, a place where visitors seldom approached.

Rasta was outgoing around those who raised him but remained rather shy around strangers. His pale-yellow eyes followed anyone who walked down the path next to his home. Besides being sweet tempered and shy, he did appreciate the occasional visit from the staff. After Asha passed away, he was very lonely. Without her he seemed sad and even more shy.

He briefly lived with another female wolf named Daisy, but ultimately the pain in his hips and lower back proved to be too intense, even with pain medications. On October 3rd, 2007, he passed away and was finally able to rejoin Asha.