Rosie Valkyrie

Born on March 12, 2013 in Ponce de Leon, Florida
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on April 16, 2013

Sex: Female
Lives with Tiger

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Rosie Valkyrie (Rosie) and her brother Tiger were born in captivity at a private wolf sanctuary in Florida. With help from Mission: Wolf staff, the two infants were bottle fed as they traveled across the U.S. and arrived at the sanctuary at the very young age of four weeks. The two pups quickly adapted to their new Rocky Mountain environment and were ready to explore the fresh snow after just a few days. When the pups were old enough, we introduced them to our Ambassador pack (Abe, Magpie and Zeab), and they were quickly taken into the fold. Abe became their firm but fair father, Magpie turned into their doting, worrying mother, and Zeab embraced the role of fun uncle who happily put up with their antics.

In the fall of 2014, Abe, Magpie, and Zeab left the refuge to tour the East Coast for our traveling program. Rosie and brother Tiger were left behind to hold down the fort. Without the adults, the two became shy again around strange people, but were still willing to work at it. Tiger took the lead as the bravest of the two, while Rosie still held reservations about the whole Ambassador role. When the adults came home from tour, Rosie did not want to listen to Magpie and started challenging her. We decided that moving Rosie and Tiger to their own enclosure was their best option as they continued to mature. Rosie was unsure how to handle her newfound freedom and is still finding her own way, with not much help from her brother. Rosie enjoys romping around with her brother and watching visitors on the Wolf Bridge from her favorite napping spot.