Born on May 2, 1992 at Big Fork, MT
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 1, 1992
Passed away on April 4, 2008

Sex: Male
Lived with Peaches

Gandolf Sabretooth was his full name and we lovingly called him “tooth” . He was born on a game farm and his litter was sold for use in a wolf documentary. The producer only wanted three of the five puppies, so “tooth” and his sister Passion came to live at Mission:Wolf. We had named him Gandolf but he earned the Sabretooth part when he was only four weeks old. We picked him and Passion up and headed home, but realized that they needed to be fed. Our first stop was at a nearby grocery store to purchase minced chicken baby food. His first taste was a finger scoop of the chicken from the jar and he loved that chicken. The second finger scoop-full went down in a fury; the third scoop found his mouth engulfing half of the feeding finger in a frantic attempt to get every drop of chicken. As the finger retreated, “Tooth” feared his food was being taken away so he buried his tiny ¼ inch long fangs into each side of the finger, going all the way to the bone. After that he was fed from a metal pan. Hence, his name Sabretooth or “tooth”.

The young “tooth” traveled with the Ambassador Wolf Program, even though he was wary of strangers; he loved traveling. His favorite part was exploring new places

when he was taken out for exercising. By the age of three, “Tooth” and his mate Peaches retired from traveling and moved into the Staff kitchen enclosure together. They spent the next 10 years living together at the refuge, basking in the attention of visitors. Peaches often climbed atop the kitchen on the roof to howl. She kept watch over the refuge and told “Tooth” when visitors or food was approaching.

They were two of the happiest and most outgoing wolves we have ever met.

Peaches passed away from old age at Easter time in 2006. This left “Tooth” shell shocked, lonely and scared. He wasn’t sure what to do with his life long companion gone. After a time of settling down, we moved Raven in with “Tooth” . She was a beautiful female gray-ish black British Colombian and Arctic Wolf mix and loved having a new male to share her time with. But alas, “Tooth” was an older man and he would often growl or snarl at her when she wanted to play. He mostly wanted to sleep.

Raven was finally placed in the enclosure beside “tooth’s” and there they could almost be together. Often she would be let in to have her breakfast with him. A happy medium was reached. She had her man and he could sleep as much as he wanted. They loved living beside each other.

“Tooth” continued to bask in the sun and wait for an occasional bone but his body began to wear out and walking became more difficult as time moved along. On the morning of April 6, 2008 he passed away in comfort and peace. We believe that he is now running the fields with Peaches as they always wanted to do.