Born on April 4, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on October 18, 2007

Sex: Male
Lived with Porini, Beorn, Kawh, Tierra, Rami

Affectionately known as “Skinny,” Skinwalker started out as the smallest pup in his litter of five. Surprisingly, the litter arrived two years after the father, Fenris, had been vascetomized. Skinny was a small pup and, consequently, one of the lowest ranking wolves in his pack.

For years, Skinny lived with his brother Beorn, two other males named Kawh and Porini, and a female wolf we call Tierra. Whenever Kawh would get frustrated about anything, he would beat up Skinny. Thankfully, Beorn would step in and save the omega from too much abuse. Even though Skinny was the scapegoat of the pack, he much preferred living with the “Driveway-Five” pack to moving out on his own. Skinny has always been a rather submissive wolf that just soaks up the attention from his brother and the other wolves.Since leaving the pack, Skinny turned into a goofy puppy , laying his ears down and whining whenever anyone walked past. Skinny later lived with Rami, who had just retired after 10 years of being an ambassador wolf. Skinny and Rami were a very happy couple and loved the attention they received together.