Plan Your Visit

COVID-19 Protocols:
If you visit the sanctuary as a volunteer, please help us stay open by observing the following:
  • If you feel sick, choose a day to come when you feel better
  • Bring and wear a mask for time spent inside our buildings
  • Practice social distancing between your group and others, including the staff member giving the tour.
As we move forward from the challenges of the last year, we’ve created programs to accommodate public needs that include opportunities for volunteer groups, individual short-term live-on-site volunteers, long-term staff, and daily experiences that include a tour of the wolves and an opportunity to contribute time and energy as a volunteer.  

Groups: will be coordinated through our email on an individual basis. Groups will be limited to a maximum of 9 individuals and only two groups will be allowed on site concurrently.

Individual Short-Term Volunteers: individuals and small groups of self-sufficient campers will be provided a tour and one of our five campsites in return for much-needed help maintaining the sanctuary, building new wolf fences, and preparing for the upcoming winter season.

Day Visits by Essential Volunteers: This is what started Mission: Wolf and what we intend to retain for years into the future. Individuals and small groups who are interested in a day visit of the sanctuary will be able to sign up online for a limited number of spaces. We ask all volunteers to bring their gloves to assist in a variety of different projects as skill sets allow. Essential help can also be monetary donations and/or donations of necessary supplies including food for wolves and staff, along with building and automotive parts and supplies. Read more about what days and times we are open to day visits on our website.

Join the Mission: Wolf Pack: M:W sees a new opportunity to step forward and prepare for the next decade. We’ll be opening long-term opportunities for people with a range of skill sets, including business operations, human relations, carpentry, mechanics, graphic design, gardening, and the willingness to learn all of them! Inquire at


Mobile users: click here for driving directions.

Please DO NOT bring your dog to our sanctuary.

You can find driving directions here, and information about camping overnight here.