Born on April 27, 2013
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on March 8, 2014

Sex: Male

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Zuko came to Mission: Wolf in March of 2014. Zuko is a Malamute, and like most northern dog breeds, has boundless energy. At 10 months old, a few families had tried to work with Zuko but his large size and energy proved to be too much to handle. He was eventually rescued by Moonsong Malamute in Idaho and transferred to Arctic Rescue in Utah. In time, his story crossed paths with those of us at Mission: Wolf. After saying goodbye to a beloved friend, Leo, the Mission: Wolf farm was in need of a new companion animal for old-timer Luna. Directors Kent and Tracy drove to Utah to meet Zuko, where they immediately fell in love and brought the rambunctious Malamute home.

Upon first arrival, Zuko lived up to his reputation and was a whirlwind of playful energy. No stranger to large, energetic canines, the Mission: Wolf farm was the perfect place for this tornado! Zuko has since settled in nicely and is now part of the family. His outgoing nature allows us to take him out to meet people and help educate the public about the differences between wolves and large northern breeds of dogs. Malamutes are the perfect breed of dog for anyone looking to own an animal with wolf-like behavior and appearance, without the negative downsides of an actual wolf-dog. As he has gotten older, Zuko has begun to recognize how large he actually is. While still very playful, he at least knows how to check his own strength and not harm any of the people or animals that he likes to play with.