Born in April 2015
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on February 13, 2021

Sex: Female

Artemis is a black-phase three-legged wolf-dog. Her previous owner called her Akeila and he had hopes of opening a wolf-dog sanctuary. He was offered a temporary spot at the Colorado Alligator Park to keep his animals. Her and her companion escaped their enclosure at the park multiple times. Although there were many modifications made to the enclosure, they were still able to find their way out. One day when Artemis returned, her partner did not. Artemis continued to escape her enclosure at the Alligator park after losing her partner. Her owner eventually abandoned hope for her and stopped answering calls regarding his animal.

Artemis is a remarkable animal who was able to survive running loose for almost a year. She roamed around the neighborhood close to the Alligator Park but was unable to be caught by local animal control. Being skittish and shy she kept her distance from people but would come close to their homes and their animals. This concerned many of the property owners in the area. However, a local couple were able to develop a relationship and gave her the name, Artemis. They worked extremely hard to help us rescue her; most people would not have been as patient as they were as well as the other neighbors in the area.

We are all thrilled that we were able to offer her a safe home and that we will be able to watch her personality shine through as she becomes more comfortable. It will likely take some time for her to adjust to her new life. Each of us feel incredibly honored to be a part of it.