Born on April 12, 2011
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on January 28, 2012
Passed away on July 16, 2017

Sex: Male
Lived with Cephira

Ash was born in April 2011 and sold as a wolf dog cross. His family tried very hard to give him a good loving home. They gave him a big yard, several dogs as companions, and the best food available.  As Ash matured (around 8 months old) he became independent and started escaping the six foot fence.  After one of Ash’s escapes, his owner contacted Mission: Wolf for help.  We agreed to rescue Ash if he was able to be captured.  Ash spent the night crossing the interstate and thankfully returned safely home to his owner’s front door the next morning.  She quickly let Ash inside the house and Ash arrived at the refuge that same day.

Because Ash was so young, we placed him in the vet building hoping he would be able to bond with us. Although he cautiously approached some of our staff members, we could tell that he did not have enough personal space inside the vet building, and was too much of an escape risk to put outside in the vet building pen. We moved him to a big enclosure next to Cephira, an 18 month old female. He soon became excited to have a new friend. We introduced Ash and Cephira the following day and they absolutely loved each other. Ash loved having room to run! Although he was very big, he remained a puppy at heart and learned new things every day about life at Mission: Wolf.