Born on April 16, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on June 17, 2007

Sex: Female
Lived with Rasta

Asha was a black and silver colored timber wolf, born in the spring of 1993. She had three siblings: two sisters, Whisper and Tierra, and a brother, Fenris, who died in 1995. As a teenager, Asha was a troublemaker and tried to take over pack leadership. She was moved out of the pack and into an enclosure with Rasta, another troublemaker.

Asha was outgoing around those who raised her, but remained rather shy around strangers. Her pale yellow eyes followed anyone who walked down the path next to her enclosure.  Asha was very sweet tempered and shy, although she didn’t appreciate the occasional water hose tug-o-war if the staff didn’t paying close enough attention. Her partner, Rasta, was more wary of humans and tended to hide when visitors arrived. Together they seemed content and enjoyed living together.