Born on March 1, 2001 in Vermont
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on February 1, 2003
Passed away on August 6, 2015

Sex: Female
Lived with Nokona, Luna, Zuko

Aurora was born in March 2001 in Vermont. She spent her early life running free through the woods. One day she raided two turkey farms, and soon after was found by a couple collapsed in the woods with multiple guns shot wounds. The people who found her immediately drove Aurora to the vet, who managed to save her life but was forced to amputate one of her front legs.

After Aurora recovered, her three legs did not slow her down one bit; she was still a successful hunter, and manged to escape from her yard. Once again Aurora got herself in trouble by raiding a turkey farm. Her adoptive owners realized that they could not keep her. They drove Aurora to Mission: Wolf a few days later.

We were told she was nearly pure wolf, but when she arrived we discovered we had taken in a mostly husky dog with a bit of wolf characteristics. We had hoped Aurora could be a companion for Beorn, a large pure male wolf. Unfortunately, within moments of their first meeting, it became obvious that the two would not accept each other.

We then placed Aurora with a male wolf-dog named Rogue. The two lived happily together for many years, and Aurora proved to be a very happy and playful girl. Rogue passed away in the winter of 2011, and Aurora was placed with a much younger wolf-dog cross named Batman. Despite her age, Aurora still showed very playful behavior and her and Batman regularly entertained staff with their antics.

Aurora retired from Mission: Wolf in 2014 and lived the rest of her life at the farm next to Nokona, Zuko, and Luna.