We love hearing from you! Check out our frequently asked questions below for quick answers.

When is Mission: Wolf open?
We welcome volunteers to sign up for a Tuesday or Saturday, arriving between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. for a tour, then we can set you up on a project.  Plan to spend a few hours or more volunteering with us. Click here to sign up. Click here to read about day visits and volunteering.

How do I get to Mission: Wolf?
We are located in southern Colorado, near Westcliffe. Click here for driving directions. Google, Mapquest, and GPS units won’t give you correct directions!

How much does it cost?
We do not charge any fees to visit and volunteer at the sanctuary. We ask for cash donations, essential supplies, or items from our wish list. Please be fair, generous, and honest with how much you can give. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit with no government funding, we run entirely on your donations.

Can I do an internship at Mission: Wolf?
We don’t offer a true internship program, but many members of our volunteer staff have used their experience as an internship, and some have arranged to get college credit for their experiences here. If you would like to join our volunteer staff, read more here.

How can I volunteer?
Especially during the summer, we have plenty of work for short-term volunteers— you are welcome to stay up to two weeks. Please let us know when you are planning to visit (, so we can arrange work projects for you. If you would like to join our volunteer staff, read more here.

Can I camp at Mission: Wolf?
We have a free primitive campground for tent camping if you would like to stay the night after enjoying a day of volunteering. You can also use National Forest land a half mile away. Click here for more about camping.

How do I sponsor a wolf?
Click here!

How do I donate?
Donate online here, or you can mail cash or check to:

Mission: Wolf
PO Box 1211
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Can I donate my sick or deceased horse, cow, or other livestock?
We rely on donations of meat and livestock to feed our wolves — click here for more info about donating livestock.

Can I bring my group?
Mission: Wolf is known for our world-class experiential education, and we love hosting groups of all kinds. For more info about bringing groups, click here.

Can I bring my dog?
NO! This is a peaceful sanctuary for wolves. Domestic dogs disturb and cause anxiety to the wolves.

Will you take my wolf or wolf-dog?
We are at capacity and overwhelmed by the number of times we get this request. For help on dealing with a pet wolf-dog, please read more here.

How do I schedule an Ambassador Wolf program?
We currently travel for special events within the Rocky Mountain region. Please contact us ( with any requests. Our nationwide program is on hold until further notice — please reach out if you would like to be added to a waiting list.

Can I touch a wolf?
It is important to note that we never guarantee any interaction with the wolves. As a wildlife sanctuary, we defer to the needs of the resident animals and the choices they make in regard to meeting humans. Read more about our Wolf Behavioral Sessions to understand our philosophy.

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 1211
Westcliffe, CO 81252