Born on April 8, 2010 at Seacrest Wolf Preserve, FL
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 7, 2010

Sex: Female
Lives with Apollo

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Farah was born at Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida. She and her brother Zeab were in need of a quality home, so Mission: Wolf received a call to take in the two pups. Like M:W, Seacrest is dedicated to furthering wolf conservation. They donated the siblings with hopes that they could join our Ambassador Wolf program, and help educate people about how important wolves are to the environment.

Farah and Zeab were hand raised by the staff with the help of two wolf-dogs, Leo and Luna. Four weeks after Farah arrived, Mission: Wolf took in another pup named Apollo. Farah was elated to have a new pup to play with and chew on. The three pups spent the summer together and inspired many visitors with their playful puppy antics. At the end of summer, Farah and the two male pups met Magpie and Abe, who quickly adopted the pair. They had one of the largest enclosures and were able to run through the trees, hide in dens, and enjoy attention from many visitors.

As the most outgoing of the pups, Farah seemed to love most everyone she met. She would frantically run to greet new visitors and, in typical wolf style, jump up and try to chew on guests’ lips and faces. In the fall of 2010, she and her pack of five spent a month exploring New England while inspiring thousands of people in events with the Ambassador wolf program. She loved romping in the ocean and lakes and would howl with anyone that howled near her.

Early in the summer of 2012, Farah began challenging Magpie for the alpha female position in the pack, and Apollo began challenging Abe. Upon seeing this behavior, we immediately removed the two youngsters and gave them their own enclosure. Since the two were raised together, they are closely bonded and can regularly be seen playing. Farah remains very outgoing and still enjoys greeting staff when they visit her.