Born in 2017
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on January 24, 2019

Sex: Male
Lives with: Saurya

Flash is a gorgeous wolf-dog cross that came to Mission: Wolf from Dumb Friends League in Denver. He was transferred to DFL from an animal sanctuary in Alamosa. Flash is a very outgoing and social animal and a very welcome addition to the sanctuary.

Before finding his way to the animal sanctuary in Alamosa, Flash was said to be living with a woman and 15 plus canines. These canines were believed to be wolf-dog crosses or northern bred dogs. He mainly lived outdoors and was too much to care for. Once he was brought to the Dumb Friends League, he was phenotyped and identified as a wolf-dog.  Phenotyping is a method used to analyze the physical attributes of an animal as well as their behavior. It was decided that he would live a better life in a sanctuary setting and Mission:Wolf was able to take him in.

While Flash was at the animal shelters, he was very skittish and hesitant to come up to new people. After being at the sanctuary for a couple days he began to come out of his shell. He is cautious with new people but warms up with time.

Flash was introduced to a young female, Saurya, here at the refuge.  She quickly grew fond of him and they can now be seen running, playing and howling in each other’s faces.