Born on April 1, 1992 in Montana
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 1, 1992
Passed away on February 2, 2008

Sex: Female
Lived with Fenris I, Obediah

Hina and her siblings Jazmine and Bowdi were born in April of 1992 to a private breeder in Montana. M:W received a call that three wolf pups would be euthanized if homes were not found. Staff volunteers gathered the funds for gas and food and headed north to pick them up. Hina was black with a white chest patch and was one of the largest female wolves at the sanctuary, weighing over 100 pounds. She was the alpha wolf in her pack but was extremely shy around people. Hina was given her name by a young visitor from Hawaii: it means “silver moon Goddess,” due to the silver markings throughout her coat.

For many years Hina lived with a male wolf named Fenris. Fenris had been vasectomized; however, two years after the surgery he and Hina gave birth to a litter of five pups. After Fenris passed away, Hina lived with Obediah, who she still made sure to keep in line.