Born on April 1, 1992 in Montana
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 1, 1992
Passed away on February 4, 2006

Sex: Female
Lived with Merlin, Fenris I

Jazmine, her sister, Hina, and brother, Bowdi, were born in April of 1992 to a private breeder in Montana. M:W received a call that three wolf pups were to be euthanized if homes were not found. Staff volunteers rounded up the money for gas and food and headed north to pick them up. Jazmine became the matriarch of M:W after giving birth to two unexpected litters of puppies. Lucus snuck in through the fence in 1993 to father Jazmine’s first litter, which consisted of Asha, Tierra, Fenris, Crazy Horse, and Whisper. Jazmine was so young when her litter was born that she didn’t know how to take care of the pups. So, her brother Bowdi adopted and raised the puppies. By the time the second litter arrived, after mating with a vasectomized male, Jazmine was old enough to successfully care for Guinness, Ned, Kestrel, Mowgli, and Porini.

Jazmine’s grandparents were taken from the wilderness near Barrow Alaska, making her only 2nd generation from the wild.  She spent most of her life avoiding and hiding from humans, both staff and visitors alike. However, in the three years before her death, Merlin, her companion, began to teach her that humans are not all scary. After that, she would curiously walk up to the fence to investigate what people were doing. Jazmine was given her name in part because of her fiery, yellow eyes. In photographs, her eyes lit up, and she was featured in the “Wolves of Mission: Wolf” slide show shown across the country.