Born on May 2, 1987 in Wisconsin
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 1, 1987
Passed away on February 5, 2005

Sex: Female
Lived with Nikkolah, Lucus, Raven I

Jordan was a shy black wolf born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin to a breeder who bred wolves with rottweilers and sold them as “wolf-a-weilers.” Her litter was raised by a neighbor, and actually suckled from the udder of a cow. The neighbor understood the difficulty of finding permanent homes for wolves, and a visiting friend of M:W offered to bring some of the puppies back to the refuge.

At barely three months of age, Jordan and her siblings Raven and Lucus came to live here. As a pup she had an overbite that left one of her fangs protruding up from her lip. This trademark earned her the nickname of “Snaggletooth.” For years, Jordan was the leader who never lead. She had all the ambition and strength of an alpha, yet she was always the underling.

Though subordinate, Jordan played an intriguing and cunning role in the history of her pack. When her sister Raven overthrew their pack mate Cyndar and became alpha female, it was only because of Jordan’s assistance that she succeeded. Then, with an eerie similarity, Jordan helped Raven’s daughter Nyati dominate Raven and gain the alpha position. This conflict caused the staff to move Nyati and Jordan into a different enclosure where they formed their own pack with Nikkolah and Jordan’s brother Lucus. All the while Jordan maintained her comfortable beta position.

Jordan was the scapegoat of her pack for years. She was forced to keep her tail tucked, but had no problem getting right in the middle of things at feeding time. Her role as omega allowed her to watch pack-mate’s rivalries without serious injury to herself. However, conflict between her and Nyati led to Jordan’s relocation. Finally the alpha female of her own pack, Jordan lived with Nikkolah for the last few years of her life, until her long-time companion passed away in the summer of 2003.

As time went on, Jordan’s black coat turned silvery-gray, but she kept all of her caretakers on their toes. Eventually Jordan was moved to the director’s residence to live out the rest of her life peacefully.