Born on April 1, 1984
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on January 1, 1986
Passed away on February 3, 2000

Sex: Female
Lived with Chunky Circe

Katrina, also known as KT and Katie, was born in the Spring of 1984 at the same roadside zoo that Sila and Rowdy would later come from. As a young pup, she was sold to a Denver-based attorney who was very prepared to take on the responsibilities of a wolf. Because her owner was willing to base his life around her needs, Katie enjoyed years of peace and happiness in Denver. She even gave birth and raised a litter of pups with little difficulty. However, the tides began to change one morning when she snuck out of the house with her daughter, Chunky, and explored the front yard. She found the neighbor’s tiny show dogs in the next yard and wanted to play. Katie unintentionally hurt one of the domestic dogs and the incident resulted in her and Chunky’s ban from Denver and the city limits. Mission: Wolf became KT’s second home. She spent many happy years living with Hota and befriending the men at the refuge.

Katie was an indomitable spirit who fought off challenge after challenge. While still a pup, she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that caused a weakness in her hips and was predicted to result in paralysis. KT never succumbed to this obstacle and managed to stave off the recommendation for euthanasia. She was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes, in 1993, and with invasive Lymphoma cancer in 1996. Despite her blindness and failing health, KT would never accept that her body couldn’t keep up with her mind. She would play with and discipline her caretakers while gulping down as much meat as she could carry until the very end. On February 3, 2000 Katie passed away in the arms of her friends. Her memories and presence will forever bring smiles to the faces of the people who knew her.