Born on April 11, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on August 26, 2008

Sex: Female
Lived with Polar Bear, Zephyr

Kestrel was one of the smallest wolves but lived in the largest enclosure at Mission: Wolf. She was one of five pups born unexpectedly at the refuge in 1995. Her father, Fenris, had a vasectomy but fathered her litter despite the surgery. Kestrel was dark black with bright yellow eyes, and although she was wary around strangers, she enthusiastically greeted the people she knew and trusted. Kestrel was known for hitting speeds of 35 mph with all four feet off of the ground when she was excited.

Kestrel was raised with three other wolves, but at the age of three, Lily, the alpha female, ostracized her from her pack. For a long time, she lived with another outcast named Zephyr. When he passed away at the age of 15, Kestrel was placed with a large white wolf named Polar Bear. They became very close for the rest of their time together.