Born on February 1, 1998
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on March 1, 2004
Passed away on September 15, 2015

Sex: Female
Lived with Minigan

Kona is a registered Siberian Husky, she came from a puppy mill where she was kept in a small space and bread repeatedly. One of our staff rescued Kona and took her home as his pet. Her gentle disposition allowed Kona to become a therapy dog for many years. She came to Mission: Wolf with her owner in 1998 and quickly became the refuge dog. In her younger years Kona was given free roam of the refuge and would regularly greet visitors when they pulled up to the parking lot.

Throughout her life at Mission: Wolf, Kona has been a surrogate mom to several rescues and many wolf pups that she took care of and helped to gain confidence around the staff.  Now in her golden years Kona has been retired from wolf puppy rearing duties and enjoys the comforts of living indoors with the staff. She is still happy to work with new rescues by going for walks and teaching them about life inside a house with people.

Kona had a mellow temperament and allowed the staff to have an animal they can be hands on with and pet – the wolves are not very good at cuddling.  You could often find Kona hanging out in the kitchen, enjoying the company of people, Minigan, and the couch.