Marty is a 3-year-old high content wolf-dog that was rescued from a confined situation in Kentucky. We presume Marty started his life as a pet-a sadly common story for many of the resident wolves. As a pup, Marty was likely happy in his home for a few months. However, as wolf-dogs grow older, they often times become more independent and begin to demonstrate the differences between a wolf and a domesticated dog. This could include guarding things in their mouth, a generally shy attitude or little regard for human rules. Although we’re not certain, this could be why he was left confined in a horse stall for two or three years. Needless to say, Marty seems content here at the sanctuary where he is provided with a great diet and many opportunities for engagement and adventure. He’s an incredibly kind-hearted wolf-dog who appears a bit bewildered by all of the changes from his former shut-in life. Marty is starting off at M:W in an acclimation enclosure close to our staff so he can get used to the happenings of the refuge as well as bond with his new caretakers. We are very grateful to Jamie Lambert from New Beginnings Pet Rescue in Iowa and Susan Weidel from W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado for their efforts to rescue this sweet boy and transport him to M:W where he can live out his life with companionship and care.