Born on January 15, 2010
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on December 15, 2010

Sex: Male

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Minigan is what we believe to be a Belgian Shepherd mix. His original owner lived in a small apartment in Denver that Minigan was too fearful to ever leave. When his owner needed to move in with her father for health reasons, Minigan was brought to the Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL) animal shelter. Minigan has one naturally crossed eye which impairs his vision. We believe this has contributed to his skittish nature. While at DDFL, he tested positive for wolf behavioral traits and was thus identified as a wolf dog. Even though Minigan is pretty much all dog, Mission: Wolf agreed to rescue him as a teacher for incoming staff about how to work with fearful animals.

At first, Minigan would only allow staff he knew very well to interact with him at all. When anyone new arrived, he would try to put as much distance as possible between himself and the intruder. Over the years and the many changes of staff, it now only takes Minigan a few days before warming up to new people, instead of the few months it took him originally. He enjoys long walks in the surrounding area and pretending to be a wolf in his play-pen enclosure above the staff kitchen. But that tough exterior vanishes come night time when he gets to snuggle in bed with one of our lucky staff.

Once he warms up to you, Minigan is an amazing animal with the utmost patience for the silly antics of our staff. He has earned the nickname “Goofy” for his light-hearted and playful personality. One thing is clear, Minigan steals the heart of every human he gets to know. He has become an essential part of the Mission: Wolf staff dynamics and is always available whenever someone needs a hug.