Born on April 26, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on December 6, 2008

Sex: Male
Lived with Hina

Obediah (affectionately known as “Obi-Wan” by staff) was a black-phase gray wolf born to Nikkolah I and “Granny” Raven in the spring of 1993. Wolves were previously separated during breeding season to prevent litters of puppies; however, Nikkolah I managed to climb the fences to mate with Granny Raven—this earned him the nickname “Tricky Nikki”. Mission: Wolf has since begun neutering and spaying resident animals to ensure there are no more accidental litters.

Obediah took after his father with his sneaky, playful attitude. One of his favorite pastimes was sneaking up behind tour groups to watch them silently with his piercing yellow eyes until he was noticed. Once the tour group turned around in surprise, Obediah would duck out of view, presumably to laugh to himself about the startled humans.

For the first three years of his life, Obediah lived with his parents, siblings, and other young wolves. However, this living situation came to an end when Rasta, Obediah’s brother, and a female wolf, Asha began to challenge for leadership within the pack. After much consideration, the large pack was made smaller; Obediah and Hina, a large black-phase female packmate, were given their own enclosure next to their original pack. Obediah and Hina quickly became great friends and were never found far from one another.

Obediah adored Hina so much that whenever he caught magpies he would offer them to her first before eating himself. Obediah serenaded the refuge each morning and evening with his unique, siren-like howl.