Born on May 5, 1991 at Big Fork, MT
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 10, 1991
Passed away on March 28, 2005

Sex: Female
Lived with Sabretooth

Peaches was born a tawny colored female wolf in 1991.  She was bred for the movie project: “Wolf-The Return of a Legend,” but the producer decided he didn’t want to use her because of her behavior.  She often beat up her liter mates, thus earning her the title of “troublemaker”. We were called and at five weeks of age, Peaches came to live at the refuge.  She had been named the “Tasmanian Devil” because of her chocolate coat and her attitude. Our staff knew that wolves often live up to their name, so we changed her name to “Yellowstone Peaches”.

Within a year her coat had turned to a peachy color and her attitude became that of the most friendly and expressive wolves to ever live here.  She traveled in the Ambassador Wolf Program for three years.  Her behavior was rare for a wolf, she loved meeting people, and as you know most wolves don’t enjoy people at all. She became wary of travel as she matured so we retired her. She spent her retirement with her lifelong mate and companion Sabretooth.  They happily lived in the enclosure next to the staff kitchen, where they could get extra attention from staff and visitors.  Peaches frequently sat on the staff kitchen roof and observed or howled when strangers came to visit.

Finally, at nearly 14 years old, Peaches began to experience leg and back stiffness.  She continued to age and the staff, as well as Sabretooth became increasingly concerned.  One morning the staff found Peaches curled up peacefully in the shade having died during the night. Peaches departed our world, but her memory still graces walls across the country with the posters of “Snow Dancer” and “Eye of the Storm”.  During her life she spread her stunning eyes across numerous TV programs, newspapers and magazines, including the “Smithsonian”.  This beautiful and outgoing wolf will be remembered forever by every heart that she touched.  Thank you for knowing and supporting Peaches.  You helped give her a long and happy life. Her memory will remain in our hearts forever.