Born on April 11, 1995 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on July 14, 2003

Sex: Male
Lived with Kawh, Tierra, Skinwalker, Beorn

Porini was born in April of 1995. His mother Jazmine was born at a wildlife game farm in Montana and came to live at M:W as a pup. His father Fenris was born and raised at M:W. Fenris was vasectomized to prevent the birth of pups but still managed to create a surprise litter with his mate Jazmine. Porini lived with his littermates Guinness, Ned, Kestrel and Mowgli for most of his puppy life. He spent his entire adult life with four other wolves named Kawh, Tierra, Beorn and Skinwalker (aka Skinny).  As a pack they were known as the “Driveway Five”.

After eight years of being chastised by alpha wolf Beorn, Porini teamed up with the omega, Skinny, and Kawh. As a threesome they managed to displace Beorn, the long-standing alpha male.  Beorn, with a wounded body and pride, was relocated and watched as Kawh and Porini spent days trying to decide who was actually going to be the new boss. Porini grudgingly accepted the beta role, but when breeding season was in full swing he once again teamed up with Skinny and challenged Kawh for leadership. We recognized it was time for these wolves to go their separate ways and divided them into two pairs. Porini seemed quite happy to be able to dominate Skinny and be the alpha without interference from Kawh. During this time Porini became greedier over food and would deprive Skinny of his share if he could. After a few months of this, Porini was getting more assertive.  Finally, a day after feeding, Porini died doing what wolves love to do most—eating. He had managed to stuff so much meat in himself that he could not digest it.  Although he looked fine in the morning, he had passed over by early afternoon. His stomach twisted, and he died of bloat in the summer of 2003.