Born on April 26, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on May 21, 2008

Sex: Female
Lived with Magpie, Raven 2, Skinwalker

Rami was a black-phase timber wolf born in the spring of 1993. Her litter also included: Obediah, Aspen, Rasta, and Crazy Horse. She was the smallest of the litter but had the most outgoing personality. For three years she lived with alpha female, Sila, and traveled with the Ambassador Wolf program. At the age of three she challenged Sila for leadership of the pack but was not successful. Sila was twice her size and unwilling to relinquish her role. In the wild, Rami might have left to find another wolf pack, but at the refuge she was given her own enclosure.

For almost two years, Rami shared her enclosure with two sister pups, Raven and Magpie, and acted as their surrogate mother. She taught them the ropes of being an Ambassador, but at only 62 pounds, little Rami had a difficult time maintaining her alpha role over the two large, rambunctious pups she raised. Finally, during the mating season of 2004, they challenged her, and so Rami was moved to another enclosure to prevent injury.

Her Ambassador adventures took her from coast to coast, and she appeared on all major television networks. In October of 1998 she was featured in National Geographic’s World magazine. Rami eventually retired from Ambassador life with dignity, finding a mate in Skinwalker. She was one of the calmest, most gentle wolves that the refuge has ever known, unique in her ability to interact with children and visitors. Rami’s Ambassador legacy will always be remembered.