Raven II

Born on April 7, 2002
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on August 21, 2002
Passed away on October 20, 2017Sex: Female
Lived with Illiamna

Raven was a beautiful silver wolf, and one of two females born in South Carolina to British Columbian and Arctic wolf parents. Although her brothers were recruited for a movie project, Raven and her sister Magpie were not used by the trainer and were in need of a home.

At only 4 months of age, Raven and Magpie arrived at Mission: Wolf and were instantly the stars of the refuge. Rami, our elder and most outgoing wolf, eagerly adopted the two and gave them a boost of confidence. Earlier in the year, Rami had adopted a wolf-dog pup named Luna who promptly took advantage of her bond with Rami and dominated the two new pups. Before long, Luna found herself in the middle of two big pups that were nearly twice her size! That fall, the four climbed aboard the wolf bus to travel the country with the Ambassador wolf program. On tour, Raven was the clown who loved being the center of attention. She was known for her acrobatic leaps when playing and tossing her toys into multiple audiences during programs. Eventually, Raven and Magpie kicked both Luna and Rami out of their pack as they challenged them for dominance. Raven continued to tour with Magpie until she was 4 years old, meeting more than 100,000 people in her travels.

In spring of 2006, the sisters needed their own space, and argued dramatically until we separated them. Raven enjoyed her own space, but was cautious with her new role as a leader. She moved in with a handsome but very old male wolf named Sabretooth. She adored him and kept him company until he passed in April of 2008. She was then placed with Fenris, a young male wolf-dog who needed a social partner to help him overcome his fear of humans. After a year, Fenris was calmer, but Raven did not seem happy. We were able to find Fenris a more compatible partner named Daisy, so Raven could help raise new wolf pups that were soon to arrive.

In 2009, Raven adopted two wolf pups, Aria and Lil’ Hailey Star. She raised the two pups for about a year until Hailey decided that she wanted her own pack and began challenging Raven. After trying unsuccessfully to pair Hailey with several other males, we eventually gave her and Aria their own enclosure. Raven was then introduced to a male arctic wolf, and Aria’s brother, Illiamna. Raven’s social and playful personality helped teach Illiamna that the world and humans are not as scary as he once thought. The two lived happily together until Raven passed away peacefully in October 2017. Raven was a very social and sweet wolf, and brought much joy to all of the staff that were able to meet her.