Born on September 15, 2000
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on October 15, 2001
Adopted out from Mission: Wolf on November 25, 2004
Passed away on August 26, 2011

Sex: Female
Lived with Rogue

Saidee was a wolf-dog cross who was possibly bred and sold in Oregon. She passed through various homes, some of which may have been abusive, until she came to us at ten months of age from a couple in Colorado City. The lady who was caring for Saidee claimed that she had in turn taken Saidee in from a Siberian Huskey rescue organization. Due to her shy nature and extreme fear of men they decided that Saidee must be part wolf, which meant that she would have to be put down. Saidee’s new human was able to convince the organization that she deserved another chance and ended up bringing her home. Saidee bonded easily with women and had even begun to bond with the man of the house, yet they felt that they could no longer care for her properly due to the unexpected arrival of an infant.

Although the staff at Mission: Wolf felt that Saidee had little, if any, wolf content, she became a close companion to Rogue, a seven-year-old wolf-dog cross. Rogue, who had been without a mate for years, was overjoyed to finally have companionship. Rogue had become slightly overweight after years of having no competition at feeding time, but shortly lost all of his excess weight since Saidee kept stealing his food. Saidee, who initially was frightened of the staff, became quite brave by following Rogue’s example. Saidee and Rogue were incredibly bonded and lived together for many years. However, as Saidee grew into adulthood, it became very apparent that she had little to no wolf content.  When we took in an actual wolf-dog cross named Aurora, we decided it was time to get Saidee out of the wolf enclosures and find her an appropriate home. She was adopted out by one of Mission: Wolf’s long-term staff.  She spent the rest of her days sleeping on the couch, playing with her doggy companion, and enjoying the luxuries of being a malamute.