Born on April 1, 1996 in Idaho
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on June 20, 2003
Passed away on September 22, 2013

Sex: Female

Selway and her sister Katimik were born in 1997 at a private facility in Idaho. As pups they were moved to live at Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. There they lived with several other wolves and became known as the Galatin pack. In June of 2003, after the death of the alpha male they were displaced from their pack by younger wolves. The Discovery Center did not have an enclosure for the girls, so Mission:Wolf agreed to take them in.

Upon their arrival we worked to slowly introduce the two sisters, Selway and Katimik to two male wolves that were two years older then them.  Even though we believed the boys and girls would get along together we wanted to be safe and keep their reactions to each other from developing into injuries. Selway and Katimik were placed in the same enclosure but separated by one layer of fence from two brothers, Ned and Druid.

As soon as the girls were set free in their new enclosure, they ran up to the fence and began flirting with the two boys. They spent the next week strutting along the fence, trying to catch the boys’ eyes. With the competition for Ned and Druid’s attentions, both Selway and Katimik decided that they wanted to be in charge. The two sisters argued fiercely with each other and we had to separate them. Since Katimik seemed to be the most compatible with the two boys we left her to live with them.

We moved Selway to a new home next to an elder male wolf named Guinness. The two accepted each other and spent several years living together. Selway has a sweet, gentle disposition. She is curious about visitors, and for years would warily approach the fence to investigate visitors and staff, but only when Guinness was nearby. Selway has a huge appetite for raw meat, stealing as much from Guinness as possible. She has also turned into the refuge gossip queen – being the first to howl about anything and everything as she watched human activities from her enclosure. After several years keeping each other company Guinness passed in October of 2010. Selway lived the rest of her life at the Mission: Wolf farm with plenty of personalized attention.