Born on May 1, 1990 in Howard, CO
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on August 1, 1991
Passed away on September 2, 2000

Sex: Female
Lived with Merlin

Sila was sold as a 98% wolf-dog cross from a Zoo in Colorado. It is likely that she was a pure wolf who was able to be sold because of the wolf-dog label. Her parents lived in a fifteen-foot diameter pen similar to a circus cage, where her mother had been living for over nine years. When puppies were born, visitors of the Zoo who were interested in the wolves were encouraged to buy one and take it home to raise it like a dog. Sila was sold for $400 to a couple who lived in Pueblo, Colorado. Even at three weeks old, Sila was an independent, feisty, little creature. Like most wolves, she was insistent in having her own way and would not obey.

As a very tiny pup, Sila climbed onto her owner’s table to take a steak. When the man tried to take it back, she bit him on the hand. Soon after, she got loose from the house and ran down the street through a neighbor’s open door, and right into the house. She helped herself to a loaf of bread, then proceeded to head on her way. The neighbor attempted to retrieve his loaf of bread and Sila retaliated by biting him. It was decided that Sila could no longer live in the city.

Sila came to live at Mission: Wolf when she was nine weeks old. Because she came as a young puppy, Sila was able to bond with many of the staff at M:W and in fact soon became an Ambassador Wolf, traveling with Shaman. She became an excellent ambassador for the wolf species and traveled well. She looked forward to meeting people as well as traveling across the country. Sila remained true to her independent nature for the rest of her life. She was the largest female living at Mission: Wolf, weighing over 100 pounds. She retired from traveling to live the rest of her life with Merlin.